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Gardens of Chambray

Gardens are a passion at Chambray Estate, as is evident with the vast areas of different types of gardens, being brought together around the estate. It is worth noting that none of these gardens existed 18 months ago, and is still a natural artwork, maturing every week.

Chambray Estate features 3 distinct gardens, namely the Terraces, The Manor house, and the Indigenous garden. The indigenous garden is mainly a winter and spring garden (due to the winter rainy season), suited to the natural habitat of the Western Cape. Although the emphasis is on the fynbos aspect , the garden also showcases plants from other areas in South Africa. Apart from the wonderful floral show during the winter and Spring months, this garden also shows the many textures of indigenous plants during the dry and hot months of summer.

Kleinhof Cottage, located in the heart of the Franschhoek village, features a small fairytale garden, filled with paths, a rose arbour and an abundance of seasonal flowering plants. This garden has been featured in many South African magazine publications. An impressive feature of this garden is the centuries old Coral Tree, (Erythrina) with a trunk circumference of over 5.8m. In winter and early spring, this wonderful tree gets covered with red flowers.